Tuesday 8 December 2015 12:01 am

Labour's shadow City minister Richard Burgon remains a man of mystery in the Square Mile

Poor Richard Burgon. For those who don’t know much about Corbyn’s shadow City minister, don’t worry. It turns out most of London’s financial sector don’t either.

Back in October, Burgon appeared on Channel 4 News. As Labour’s new shadow City minister, you’d think he would’ve tried to prove his credentials for the role. Alas, his interview with Cathy Newman did little for the cause. Things took a turn for the worse when Burgon was pressed on who he’s met with since his appointment in May. He had to admit that he was yet to arrange any meetings with anyone from the City.

Well, we don’t like to see anyone being left out. The Capitalist diligently chased up the matter a month later to see if anything had changed. Since City A.M. reached out in November and again last week, Burgon’s press officers have yet to say whether or not he’s met with anyone connected with the City. Not even for a coffee.

The closest this Leeds MP has come to a tete-a-tete with industry leaders is a letter from the CBI, who’ve asked for a meeting. However, Burgon appears to be in no hurry to acquiesce. A spokesman from the confederation admitted that coffee “has yet to be set up.”

Adding insult to injury, more than a few of London’s financial institutions have no idea who he is. One major bank told The Capitalist they not only didn’t know him, but didn’t care either. The Canary Wharf-based firm is restricting its contact with the Labour party to Chuka Umunna alone.

Perhaps Burgon is leaving things to shadow chancellor John McDonnell, who described meeting the City of London Corporation as his “cross to bear”. Imagine how the City felt.