Tuesday 19 November 2019 3:47 pm

ITV debate bingo: All the catchphrases to watch out for as Johnson and Corbyn gear up for clash

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn will go head to head in a live TV debate tonight, and both leaders will be hoping to deliver the killer soundbite.

But if you’re tired of hearing the same old Tory tropes and Labour lamentations, there’s a way to inject a bit more fun into the proceedings.

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Viewers can now dabble in a game of election bingo, with a gambling firm offering odds on some of the politicians’ most infamous phrases.

Johnson’s favoured call to “Get Brexit Done” has emerged the most likely contender at 1/100, while a Corbyn reference to “Workers’ Rights” seems a sure thing at 1/1000, according to Betway.

Moreover, with popular reality show I’m a Celebrity airing straight after the debate, punters can have a flutter on the Labour leader uttering the words “I’m a Marxist, get me out of here” at 50/1.

Jeremy Corbyn bingo

Workers’ Rights1/1000
Gig Economy1/50
Nationalise Broadband1/50
Clause Four11/2
Michael Foot10/1
Power to the People25/1
I’m a Marxist, Get Me Out Of Here50/1

Boris Johnson Bingo

Get Brexit Done1/100
Take Back Control3/100
Open for Business1/5
People versus Parliament1/4
This Remain Parliament1/3
Donald Trump1/2
Merry Christmas1/1
Deal or No Deal6/1
Dominic told me to say it10/1

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Westminster watchers will have a keen eye on the debate, and will be keen to name a winner. Betway’s odds are tied, however, with both leaders coming in at 5/6 to emerge triumphant.

The head-to-head debate, chaired by Julie Etchingham, will be shown on ITV at 8pm tonight.

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