Thursday 18 February 2010 7:33 pm


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I HAD a very pleasant shopping experience yesterday. On my way to check out the new spring businesswear, Claire on the Clinique counter sidetracked me by offering me a “lip consultation”. Well, this was a first and I was intrigued, especially as the cold weather has rendered my lips a little on the dry side. Claire removed my carefully applied lipstick, and first added a lip balm to give long-lasting moisture, which would not only moisturise but also repair and prevent dry lips, a condition which is inevitable in the cold weather. She then gave a light brush all around the lip line with an Airbrush Concealer to even it up. Next came a lip liner at the bottom of the lower lip and around the cupids bow. It’s purpose was to lightly extend those lines around the lips to define them (a strong lip line is very false and old fashioned), and prevent the lipstick feathering. Then she applied some High Impact lipstick, which is apparently extra moisturising and has SPF15. They certainly felt much more comfortable and soft. Interestingly, she didn’t stop there. The Airbrush Concealer was then mixed with some eye cream (this is the key), and brushed from the corner of my eye, up at 45 degrees to the edge of my eyebrow. You do this after applying your eye shadow, to lift and clean up the line. You can also add a little from the inside corner under the eye, over any dark shadows. Now I’m pretty good at make up, but I’ve never done this, and usually avoid concealers like the plague – I find they accentuate the lines and make me look older. She showed me the result and I was amazed. This simple flick took ten years off me, making my eyes look brighter and lighter. What’s more, the moisturised lips and lifted eyes lasted till I took it all off that night. I’m hooked. And as your eyes and mouth are two of your most powerful forms of body language, do all you can to keep them looking young, moisturised and beautiful. Sara Hollamby is a business image consultant with Email