Tuesday 9 June 2020 4:18 pm

Honda forced to suspend factory activity in wake of cyber attack

Honda has halted production at a number of its global factories after suffering a suspected cyber attack to its internal servers.

A spokesperson for Honda said today that activity had been suspended as the company needed to ensure that its quality control systems were not compromised.

Honda was hit by a suspected hack yesterday that the firm believes has compromised its internal servers.

Production was halted temporarily yesterday and had resumed at most of the plants by this afternoon.

However its main plant in Ohio, as well as those in Turkey, India and Brazil remain suspended as the ransomware disputed the company’s production systems.

A report suggested Honda was hit by an Ekans malware attack on Sunday, which targets production facilities and demands a ransom be paid in order to open them up again.

“Critical environments do not fail gracefully. There isn’t the option of reverting to pen and paper and muddling along,” said Darktrace technology director Dave Palmer.

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A Honda spokesperson said it had confirmed an attack had been made, and there has been no information breach as of yet.

“Work is being undertaken to minimise the impact and to restore full functionality of production, sales and development activities. At this point, we see minimal business impact,” he continued.

“In Japan, currently, production operations are taking place as normal. In Europe, after suspension of production due to the impact of coronavirus, Honda of the UK Manufacturing, will still plan to return to production later during week commencing 8 June.”