Thursday 23 July 2015 11:20 am

This chart shows just how many startups are launched worldwide every second

London may be particularly fertile ground for startups, but entrepreneurs abound worldwide. Every year, millions of hopefuls take a stab at their dream venture.

In fact, from Silicon Roundabout to Silicon Valley, the sheer number of startups launched globally can be hard to grasp. A staggering 100 million businesses are launched annually, according to figures from GEM Global Report.

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Struggling to grasp such a big number?

It comes to just over three businesses every second, or 11,000 per hour. This graphic by Gasoline puts it into perspective:


What happens to all these ventures, you might wonder? Unfortunately 90 per cent of them will fail, but that doesn’t stop a rather impressive amount of money being thrown at them.

In the US alone, a mind-boggling $1,532 in venture capital is invested every second. Per year, that adds up to $48.3bn.