Tuesday 19 August 2014 8:46 pm

Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark to voice art beyond (London) Wall for Talking Statues

Any Game of Thrones fans in the City should make a pilgrimage to The Broad Family statue in Broadgate, where they’ll be able to hear the youthful tones of Arya Stark (ie. actress Maisie Williams) tell the story of the artwork, from this week. 
It’s all part of Talking Statues, a project which will see London’s statues tell their stories to those who swipe their phones across the signage next to them. Williams joins Jeremy Paxman and Frank Skinner among others, in lending their voices to the artworks. “From a young age I always wondered what my teddy bears were saying while I was away and this project encapsulates that feeling but for a wider audience, not just for children,” said Williams. 
It must make a nice break from Westeros.