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FTSE 100 CEOs: These are the men (and a few women) who run Britain's biggest companies

FTSE 100
Who runs Britain’s biggest companies
What’s in a name? Well, quite a lot if you want to become the head honcho at one of the UK’s biggest companies.

City A.M. research shows that the vast majority of the FTSE 100 are run by men with rather Biblical names. David comes out as the most popular name on the list, followed by Stephen/Steven, Mark/Marc and Andrew/Andy.

In fact, the name David or Dave is so popular there are more men with this name running Britain’s biggest companies than there are women.

There are just five women in the top 100 jobs, three of whom (Alison Cooper, Carolyn McCall and Moya Greene) have been in the role since 2010. The other two – Liv Garfield and Veronique Laury-Deroubaix – joined last year.

In total the chief executives of the FTSE 100 have served 525 years between them, making it an average tenure of 5.25 years. The longest-serving chief executive is Aberdeen Asset Management’s Martin Gilbert, who has been in the role since 1983. Sir Martin Sorrell is second, having joined in 1986.

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Top Names

David / Dave
Stephen / Steven
Mark / Marc
Andrew / Andy
Ian / Iain

Men v Women


Featured CEOs

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CEO Key stats

Oldest CEO
Martin Sorrell (70)
Youngest CEO
Liv Garfield (39)
(*For the CEOs we have data for)
Average age
Average tenure
5.57 years

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