Tuesday 28 February 2017 9:29 am

This firm thinks we're all going to car share in the future and this is what it'll look like

From Uber to Bluecity, many firms are getting in on car-sharing or carpooling these days.

But design firm Ideo thinks in the not so distant future, we could all be sharing cars. It has designed a new concept for the future of the car in the next 10 years, as ride-sharing and the on-demand economy expand at pace.

Ideo thinks that'll significantly switch up the way cars are designed, used and owned.

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Luis Cilimingras, managing director of Ideo London, said that to date car sharing has seen limited growth compared to the likes of home sharing, but that's not because of lack of demand, "but because today’s cars are designed for private usage".

"As soon as passengers engage in different activities to that of the driver, they become distracting and eventually disruptive," he explained. "Autonomous driving will decentralise activity in the car, opening the door to a new generation of vehicles designed for multiple, shared purposes – and as a result, ride-sharing will grow far more rapidly."

Ideo has designed a ride-sharing minivan concept: