Friday 7 May 2021 12:35 pm

New Ferrari 812 Competizione is a Superfast… but faster

Ferrari has unveiled an even more powerful limited-edition version of the 812 Superfast.

Called the 812 Competizione, the new car is for people who don’t think the mighty 812 Superfast isn’t quite super or fast enough already.

It shares the same 6.5-litre V12 engine, but offers more power – an extra 31hp – and a higher rev range. The new total is 830hp, with a redline of 9,500rpm, up from 8,900rpm originally. It’s the highest-revving production engine from Maranello to-date.

Ferrari 812 Competizione

A Competizione A model, based on the open-roof GTS version of the 812 – is also offered.

To create more oomph from an already very powerful engine, Ferrari has redesigned the pistons, fitted 40 percent lighter titanium conrods, layered a ‘diamond-like carbon coating’ on the piston pins and rebalanced the crank. 

There are also new cylinder heads, F1 technology for the cams, a redesigned intake system and variable geometry inlet tracts.

Ferrari 812 Competizione

The gearbox is the same as the one in the ‘standard’ Superfast, although shift times are cut by five percent. The Competizione is also 38kg lighter. The 0-62mph sprint is achieved in 2.85 seconds and top speed is 211mph.

Prices have not been confirmed, but they are a little academic. All 999 versions of the coupe have been sold already, as have the 599 examples of the Competizione A.

We can’t wait to drive it, especially after our motoring critic Tim Pitt had an experience to remember in the 812 Superfast this builds upon: “You park up with a mild sense of relief”, he said, “endorphins rushing and fingertips tingling, then after five minutes you long for another go. The sense that the Superfast may be the last of its kind, existing on borrowed time, only makes the experience more special. Oh, and it has the best engine you can buy. Definitely.”

Daniel Puddicombe writes for Motoring Research