Sunday 12 January 2014 11:01 pm

Fancy a taste of James’ Britpop?

CAN YOU remember what 1993 tasted like? Well, if you’re curious, Blur bassist-cum-cheese wizard Alex James has applied to trademark a new drink – called Britpop. The application doesn’t give away any clues as to what the drink will taste like but we can just imagine the Cool Britannia branding now. It’s not the first time James has ventured into the food and beverage market – the bassist has been working on his own cheeses since he gave up on his rock and roll lifestyle and bought a farm in Chipping Norton in the early noughties, and currently peddles eight cheese through his Alex James Presents site. Sadly Asda dropped his everyday cheese range in 2012, calling the flavours “ahead of their time” but timing could be on his side with this latest venture – a thirst for all things Britpop is already brewing among the British public, with bands such as Suede and Pulp enjoying a second wave of popularity. Let’s just hope it’s not a cheese inspired drink – liquid cheddar should remain the reserve of fondue sets.