Monday 22 March 2021 2:00 pm

Exclusive: How's that for a perk? Jefferies buys staff Peloton bikes as lockdown bonus

Employees at Jefferies, the global investment bank, are set to pedal their way out of lockdown – after the firm gifted staff Peloton bikes as a thank you for their recent work.

Analysts and associates received an email from senior staff on Friday.

UK staff will be able to select from a Peloton bike – retailing for £1,750 – or an ‘Apple package’ consisting of an Apple Watch, and iPad Air and AirPods plus. 

The bikes have become one of many lockdown accessories that no self-respecting, athletic City worker cannot be seen (on Zoom) without.

The email, which came from boss Rich Handler and other partners, said the gifts were a way to “go one step further in expressing our appreciation for all you are doing.”

“We have tried to express (our gratitude) through our continuing efforts to support your training, learning and work/life balance, with the latter in many ways being the most difficult in light of the demands of our clients and our drive to fulfil their needs,” the email read.

The firm has hosted exercise and diet classes for staff stuck at home throughout lockdown. 

Workplace stress reached record highs during the pandemic, according to research by Oracle and Workplace Intelligence. 

Some seventy-eight per cent of global respondents to a mental health survey said their wellbeing had been affected by permanent working from home. 

Jefferies were contacted for comment. 

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