Thursday 25 February 2021 11:01 am

Exclusive: Jefferies drops mooted 'no jab, no entry' policy for office return

Global investment bank Jefferies has dropped plans to require staff to receive a vaccine before returning to the office, City A.M. can reveal. 

An all-staff memo, sent at the start of the month, said that “verification of vaccination will be required to access the office” once work-from-home restrictions were lifted across the globe.

But a further email this morning said that “we did not intend to make it sound as if we are mandating vaccines,” and City A.M. understands the mooted policy has now been dropped. 

The policy would have applied across the globe, including the firm’s European HQ on Bishopsgate.

The second email instead encouraged staff to receive a vaccine but stated that the firm “fully recognise(d) each person’s situation is unique.”

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Pregnant women are not currently routinely offered the vaccine. Others with some specific medical conditions are also not automatically given the jab.

“Your decision on vaccinations is personal, private and confidential,” the memo from exec Michael Sharp read. 

Jefferies lost their then-CFO Peg Broadbent to Covid-19 in March and have told staff their safety is the “number one” priority. 

Firms are grappling with the implications of returning to work after extended periods of remote working across the world. 

Employment lawyers questioned whether some firms’ plans to demand new employees have received a vaccine – so-called ‘no jab, no job’ clauses – would be lawful. 

No such qualms are believed to exist in the Catholic Church, however – the Vatican is widely reported to have introduced exactly such a policy.