Sunday 9 September 2018 7:02 pm

Entertainment One faces investor butchering as boss looks to bring home the bacon

Entertainment One, the company behind Peppa Pig, could be the latest victim of a shareholder revolt in a row over executive pay this week.

Influential shareholder advisory firms Glass Lewis and ISS have recommended voting against the firm’s remuneration report on Thursday, a year after nearly half of the company’s investors voted against a £7.6m bonus for Darren Throop, the chief executive of Entertainment One.

Throop, who is set to see his basic salary climb by seven per cent this year to $1.2m (£993,000), has come under pressure in the City for steep pay rises in the last three years.

The potential revolt comes in the wake of several high-profile disputes over bosses pocketing large bonuses.

Advertising giant WPP has faced a swathe of rebellions over erstwhile chief executive Martin Sorrell’s remuneration, most notably in 2012 when 60 per cent of investors rejected Sorrell’s pay package.