Tuesday 14 April 2015 5:14 am

Email overload: You spend 36 days a year writing emails

Never has there been something so helpful yet so detrimental to working life as the invention of email.

It makes us more productive with quick and efficient responses, but that can soon turn into an overwhelming sense of overload when you're faced with the scores of emails which have hit your inbox during a meeting as if by magic.

In fact, the average worker spends 36 days every year composing emails – that's almost 10 per cent of your working life (assuming that's when you're writing them).

We also send on average just over 4,000 emails a year, so no wonder then that a third of us feel overwhelmed. Even with all that email composing we still receive even more – more than 6,000 every year – according to research by O2 Business which is launching a new Just Call Me conference call app to make picking up the phone even easier.

We may be sending out the replies left right and centre, with two-thirds of us using email more than any other way of communicating at the office, but more than half think picking up the phone and making a call is better.

One solution to cut out email overload? Head to Scotland where workers receive the least amount of emails.

Not practical? Other than picking up that phone, here are City A.M's top tips for managing your inbox.