Monday 21 June 2021 6:51 pm

Deplatformed: Vodafone customers seethe after it ditches free wifi deal on Tube

Vodafone’s London customers voiced their frustration today after discovering the telecoms company had left a multi-company deal that gives commuters free wifi access at Tube stations.

Under the deal, which started in 2012, major UK mobile networks allowing their customers to access this broadband on the Tube platform by joining the Virgin Media WiFi account.

Now Vodafone has switched off access for its customers.

On its website Vodafone said: “We are no longer continuing our WiFi services on the London Underground. We will still continue to supply 4G on the Jubilee line between North Greenwich and Westminster and are continuing to invest our network above ground across London.”

Vodafone customers will now have to pay for wifi passes if they want to check emails, read websites or stream music while they wait for the next Tube. Prices are from £3 per day.

Irate Vodafone customers vented their frustration on Twitter.

Bryan Wall tweeted when he found out that he could no longer connect: “Kept that one quiet! Might have to check out other networks that don’t pull the rug from under me. Bill same; service worse.”

Madeline Dunne said: “Vodafone has removed its wifi from the tube. VERY annoying.”

Even politicians have started weighing in: