Saturday 1 February 2020 3:07 pm

David Cameron made £836,000 last year while Theresa May banked £400,000

David Cameron made £836,168 last year in media and speaking fees.

The former Prime Minister had more than £538,000 in the bank of his company, The Office of David Cameron, for the year ending April 30, according to new accounts filed with Companies House, which was first reported by The Telegraph.

It excludes any profits he has made from his memoir, For the Record, which was published in September last year.

Since the Brexit referendum in 2016, from which Cameron stood down as Prime Minister in the wake of, he has made more than £1.6m.

He raked in £790,274 in 2018.

After stepping down as PM following the decision to leave the EU, Cameron would later also step down as MP for Witney.

Cameron’s business is based in North Lincolnshire and hires seven employees, up from five in 2018.

Cameron is listed as the owner, while former political secretary Laurence Mann is the sole director.

An investment property worth £128,190 was also bought last April.

Meanwhile, Cameron’s successor, Theresa May, made almost £400,000 in private engagement after stepping down as Prime Minister in July.

May is expected to receive £190,000 as a signing bonus with speaking agency Washington Speakers Bureau.

She is also expected to be paid £75,500 for speech given to JP Morgan Chase in November.

May set up the Office of Theresa May after stepping down as PM. The company received £100,000 plus expenses from UBS Switzerland in December.

May said the money would “be used to pay employees, maintain my ongoing involvement in public life and support my charitable work”. 

Both accounts were made public on 31 January – the day the UK left the EU.