There are good uses for plastics and bad uses for plastics. CORPLEX is a global manufacturer that strives to transform the packaging industry such that multi-use good plastic packaging replaces single-use plastic or cardboard packaging. Our team of experts conceptualises, designs, develops, and manufactures the broadest range of secondary and tertiary packaging options. 

Our applications are employed by a wide range of industry sectors with the common goals of reducing scope 3 CO2 emissions, streamlining work-in-progress and supply chain operations, lowering packaging costs, and reducing product losses.

With packaging regulations tightening around the world to reduce packaging waste and increase the uptake of recycled content, CORPLEX meets the needs of socially and environmentally conscious businesses that want to stay ahead of government regulations and implement zero-waste transport packaging solutions.

CORPLEX, pioneer in the sustainable use of plastics, will develop and create the ideal reusable transport packaging solution to reduce your carbon footprint by 37% and your package expenses by 52%.


CORPLEX, a leader in corrugated plastic extrusion, provides sustainable packaging solutions for businesses in Europe and the United States. Our circular economy approach starts with extruded polypropylene sheets, known for their strength and lightweight properties. These sheets are transformed into versatile reusable packaging across various industries, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability. Our 100% recyclable packaging minimizes environmental impact, following the 5R circular economy principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose, and Remove resulting in reduced CO2 emissions and lowered logistics costs. With CORPLEX, your investment pays off in under two years, all while ensuring optimal product protection.

Efficiency in Logistics & Operations

CORPLEX’s reusable packaging solutions are designed for maximum efficiency in logistics and operations. With smart designs, foldable features for easy storage, and exceptional durability, our solutions optimize space, reduce costs, and protect your goods. An example is our AkyPak® Advanced Reusable Container, which showcases how our packaging enhances logistics while streamlining operations and reducing environmental impact. Choose CORPLEX for eco-friendly and efficient packaging solutions.

Circular Economy & Plastic Recovery Program

At CORPLEX, our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. We proudly manufacture highly sustainable polypropylene and polycarbonate products across various sectors, emphasizing value not only for our partners but also for the planet. Our durable products are built to last for years and are entirely recyclable at the end of their useful life.

We believe in the power of circularity. CORPLEX collaborates closely with its partners to implement a hassle-free waste recycling program. Instead of letting these highly valuable products go to waste, we collect old polypropylene and polycarbonate products and transform them into brand new recycled compounds, ready to be reprocessed into new applications. These recycled products meet the same high-quality standards, ensuring durability, resistance, and reusability. What’s even better? They can be recycled repeatedly, exemplifying true Circular Plastics Solutions.

By participating in the CORPLEX waste recycling program, you’re not only reducing waste and your carbon footprint but also benefitting from cost savings associated with regular recycling processes. As we move towards more sustainable production and consumption, choosing the CORPLEX waste recycling program is a meaningful step toward a more sustainable business. Together, we can create a cleaner and greener planet.


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