Tuesday 23 August 2016 12:01 pm

Come fly with me? City Airport will start playing songs during security screenings to entertain passengers

London City Airport has decided to play music for passengers as they go through the airport's security search area because it will apparently provide a positive distraction.

The airport says that music psychologist from the University of Sheffield has argued the background music may provide a positive distraction whilst proceeding through security, enhance the experience and help to create a pleasant airport security environment.

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But it may not be for everyone: Two different playlists – either ambient electronica or upbeat acoustic music – are broadcast throughout the day, with songs especially selected by music consultancy C-Burn.

Musical artists played through the speaker system include Adele, Ben Howard, Jason Mraz, Gavin James, and Ed Sheeran – who is being sued for allegedly copying Marvin Gaye in the classic Let's Get It On.

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Melanie Burnley, director of customer experience at London City Airport, said: “It takes passengers just 20 minutes or less to get from the front door of London City Airport to the departure lounge, and we wanted to enhance the customer experience with a soundtrack to security. So far we’ve had a very positive reaction to the musical addition – from staff and passengers alike – with Ed Sheeran currently the most popular artist.” 

City Airport has even compiled its top 13 air travel-inspired songs:

[infographic id="878"]

Dr. Stephanie Bramley, who has conducted research into the utilisation of music within gambling environments, said moods can be improved.

“Music is a flexible resource which can be used to serve a number of functions in retail and commercial environments," Bramley said.

"In an airport, playing music which is subtle, fits in with the overall ambiance of the security search area, deemed to be familiar, and liked by passengers, might act as a positive distraction where passengers focus on the music instead of the time spent completing the security search process.

"The music at London City Airport may also enhance passenger experience by helping to create a pleasant environment and potentially improving their mood.”