Sunday 15 August 2010 10:05 pm


REPORTS may still be rife over sexual discrimination in the City, but we ladies certainly aren’t ones to take such inequalities lying down. The Capitalist has long been intrigued by the growing popularity of white collar boxing among stressed financial workers in the Square Mile – and now, it appears the sport is catching on among the fairer sex as well. Macmillan Cancer Support is currently looking for City workers to enter for its charity boxing tournament on 14 October, where eight fighters will go up against one another in the ring in front of a crowd of up to 300 people, including current and former world heavyweight champions David “Haymaker” Haye and Lloyd “Ragamuffin” Honeyghan. “This is the first tournament we’ve done and we’re so keen to get the City involved, as white collar boxing is such an up-and-coming sport here,” an excited organiser tells me. “We’ve also teamed up with some gyms and one of them suggested that girls are getting more and more into it, so we’re currently considering the possibility of opening up the event to ladies too, subject to demand…” Apparently, the first female white collar boxing event in the City was held just this year, but it’s expanding at a rapid rate – a touch of the old “anything they can do, we can do better” mentality that has served successful City girls so well over the years, no doubt. Interested parties can call 07828 135589 to register their interest. OLYMPIC EFFORT Lucky K&L Gates lawyers are to be allowed to take paid time off work in order to volunteer at the Olympics, according to an internal memo at the firm. If the happy K&L lawyers make it through the application process, they’ll get to take part for six consecutive days, as well as three days’ training. Rival firms’ HR departments, take note…