Wednesday 27 January 2016 4:05 pm

Can you tell the real jobs from Hollywood sci-fi? Take this quiz to find out

From train pusher to beer smeller, there sure are some pretty weird jobs out there if you’re looking for a new career path.

But Hollywood science fiction films have delivered some pretty stellar and yet completely made-up job titles throughout the years.

In the quiz below, some of the jobs come directly from the Home Office’s own website. The others, however, we plucked from well-known films like Mad Max: Fury Road, Her and Dune.

How well do you reckon you could tell the government-approved jobs apart from the fictional ones?

More than one in three answers were incorrect when 1,000 adults were put to the test by Stormline.

But you’ll do better, we’re sure. Feeling up to the challenge? Try out your skills in the quiz below.

[quiz id="27"]