Thursday 14 October 2021 10:00 am

Opinion-in-brief: Bridging the digital divide is key to solve the wealth gap

Ahmed Essam is the CEO of Vodafone UK

When operating in an online world feels as natural as it does to many of us, those who face digital exclusion are easy to miss.

We often think about the digital divide in relation to older people who grew up without computers, or those who live in rural areas with poor internet connections. But new research carried out on behalf of Vodafone UK shows that those in poorer households are more likely to be digitally excluded, children in particular.

The stereotype of today’s young people being “digital natives” has some truth to it, but it misses those who do not have the devices or connectivity to participate. Two fifths of people polled said that they would benefit from digital skills training.

If digital connections, devices and skills are essential to participate in today’s society, then we all have a part to play in closing the digital divide.

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