Friday 22 November 2019 11:30 am

Brexit Party manifesto: Nigel Farage calls Brexit the start of a 'political revolution'

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage called the UK’s departure from the EU “just the beginning of a political revolution” as he unveiled his general election pledges today.

Condemning “broken promises” of rival parties’ past manifestos, Farage said his own pamphlet did not amount to a manifesto, saying party testing found voters associated the word with another – ‘lie’.

“We are the party of the new radicals,” he told his audience.

Calling the voting system “hopelessly out of date” he vowed to reform postal voting, claiming it is open to abuse.

And he blasted the honours system, saying the House of Lords appointments process “borders on corruption” and saying the house is “no longer fit for purpose”.

Farage claimed the UK has a “highly politicised” civil service and said under Brexit Party rules civil servants would have to sign a pledge of neutrality.

Another pledge would see petitions that gather 5m signatures automatically trigger a referendum, to ensure Westminster is in step with voters’ concerns.

More to follow.