Saturday 4 November 2017 11:39 am

Bonfire Night 2017: British consumers spend £497m on fireworks night

It's fireworks weekend, with the majority of Brits planning to either attend a display or host their own Bonfire Night celebration.

But new research from Wonga has found that even in an environment where most consumers are spending less on leisure activities, many are willing to see their cash go up in smoke for the celebration.

An estimated £497m will be spent over the course of the weekend, as the costs of the night stack up.

Seven in 10 UK adults plan to mark the occasion in some way, and those who are hosting their own fireworks display are likely to spend an average of £72.35. The total bill for home displays will be around £262m.

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Meanwhile, those going out to big organised events are still shelling out. The average person surveyed was willing to pay as much as £7.70 for a ticket.

Then there's the cost of autumnal snacks. The study found that the most popular treat was toasted marshmallows, closely followed by toffee apples.

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