Monday 12 August 2013 3:38 am

Bloomberg confirms it is internally testing bitcoin ticker

Bloomberg staff are testing a bitcoin ticker internally, a spokesperson for the service has said.

Confirming speculation from various bloggers and enthusiasts, spokesperson Vera Newhouse told CoinDesk:

Bloomberg is testing Bitcoin data, but this is only accessible to internal users and not Bloomberg Professional service subscribers. We often prototype new functions and dashboards; some that are eventually rolled out, and some that aren’t. It’s premature to provide any details about Bloomberg’s plans for this prototype at this stage.

Bloomberg employees can see the ticker under {XBT Crncy<GO>} on their terminal and look up its pricing. Pricing sources are said to include MtGox and TradeHill.

Clarkmoody already provides a ticker service, while Bitcoincharts and Bitcoinity provide charting, but endorsement from Bloomberg could really establish the virtual currency’s legitimacy.