Friday 28 November 2014 11:59 am

Asda’s Black Friday deals attract 2 million shoppers on its busiest day of the year so far

Asda has pulled in more than two million shoppers on Black Friday, making it the busiest day of the year so far for the supermarket. 

That’s more than 8,000 sales every minute, or more than 130 every second since it opened its doors at 8am.

The Walmart-owned retailer said it sold more than 8,000 TVs within the first hour, as shoppers queued for bargains across the country at 440 Asda stores.

The sought-after deals on TVs caused chaos at Asda’s Wembley branch this morning and at other retail stores, as customers fought to get their hands on the limited items.

Asda said: “Despite our extensive planning and additional security colleagues there was an isolated incident when the store opened. The sale has run smoothly in all our other 440 participating stores.”

It also sold 3,500 Beats headphones and 1,000 BMX bikes by 9am, as well as more than 10,000 tablets in the first two hours, while it sold out of XBox 360 games consoles. The store said it anticipates even more customers throughout the day, with deals still to be had.

The Black Friday madness will start again tomorrow as the retailer launches additional deals on Saturday morning, with items such as TVs, tablets and XBox One consoles slated for discounts.

The backing of parent company Walmart, a retail giant in the US which is home to the Black Friday deal tradition, helped Asda secure "unbeatable discounts" by leveraging buying power.