Friday 31 July 2020 12:01 pm

Ardbeg team up with DJ BBQ to add smoke to the fire

Oh boy, it’s a hot one this weekend.

Temperatures are set to soar – and Brits are no doubt set to gather around barbecues up and down the country.

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But before you default to burgers and sausages, world-renowned Islay Distillery Ardbeg and chef DJ BBQ have teamed up to produce a series of Smoke Sessions to guide you on your journey to charred perfection.

Beef plaited? Salmon cooked over a fire pit – whilst it’s nailed on wood? Sure, why not. We’ve all got to become a bit more adventurous this year, after all.

And, being generous sorts that they are, Ardbeg and their culinary companion created cocktails to go alongside – not least mixing up an Old Fashioned with a rasher of bacon.

The famously smoky Ardbeg 10 also makes up the base for the Maple and Bacon Old Fashioned, available pre-mixed and delivered by Edinburgh retailer Mothership Drinks.

This recipe and video is courtesy of DJ BBQ’s ‘The Smoke Sessions’, a guide to BBQing available on Ardbeg’s YouTube channel.