Thursday 22 April 2021 3:58 pm Rewired Talk

AI-Powered Ubiquitous Investing

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Elisabeth is the Founder and CEO of Infinity Circle.

Have you noticed that your bank statements are now a succession of Netflix, Uber, Spotify, Deliveroo, Apple and Amazon payments? All of them offer us all types of services at our fingertips. No more wasting time sourcing or waiting to access the best way to get an amazing selection of food, music, films, transport or products. Everything is now just one-click away, curated for us and AI-matched to our deepest desires in exchange for money. Click and pay and almost anything can become yours to enjoy!

But read that penultimate sentence again: ‘in exchange for money’. For most people thoughts about ‘money’ are negative, often about not having enough! Wouldn’t it be better if instead we all got good at ‘money’ and had fun with ‘money’? Wouldn’t life be better if we could optimise every pound that we have toward having the lifestyle that we want and growing our money?

But how can we do that when real terms savings rates are negative?

A New Vision

Fortunately a new rocket ship is being built and is already taking off! Nutmeg were the first movers in this new revolution in the UK, with organisations such as Betterment and Robinhood leading the charge in the USA; as well as numerous Fintechs in Asia.

The basic idea of these ventures, is that the complex and highly regulated world of managing your private wealth can be done from the comfort of your home in a simple, smart, safe and even educational way. Online and using an App, we can access investment opportunities, large and small, across a wide range of asset classes. You can access relevant information at hand and maybe even savings and investment advice that can be taken face-to-face or virtually.

Infinity Circle Wants Fun In Finance

Now let’s imagine that beyond the vanilla set of investment options that we usually have access to, we had access, on one platform, to the best of what the world of private investing had to offer, presented to us with comparable like for like metrics so that we can actually understand the nuances ourselves?

And what if, what we had access to was not just financial assets such as saving products and off the shelf investment products that we don’t really understand, but also alternative investments, tangible and luxury assets such as art, real estate, precious stones, fine wine and other lifestyle experiences which qualified specialists had already vetted for us?

What if each opportunity presented to us came with educational videos and we were connected to a community of savvy investors that we could bounce ideas off about these opportunities? In short, we could all benefit from the ‘art’ of the kind of professional ‘wealth management’ and opportunities that until now was only accessible to wealthy individuals.

Democratised Wealth Management

Infinity Circle is built as a vetted community that is available at your fingertips using bespoke Infinity Tech™ powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain. We are creating the first global digital one-stop-shop global wealth management solution; with on-demand advice from market-leading advisors and no minimum level of wealth to join.

Our mission is to make it easy for users to learn, to be guided by a professional team, and to invest in opportunities that matter to you whilst also generating a return in line with your risk appetite and circumstances. With Infinity Circle we want to start optimising our money in terms of infinite possibilities and abundance instead of ‘money’ being a negative that we’d rather not talk about!