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Philip Salter is founder of The Entrepreneurs Network.

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AS A general rule, simple solutions trump complex ones. The more variables you bring to bear on a problem, the higher chance [...]

6 November

I’VE just found out it’s National Inclusion Week. Nobody told me so I’m feeling rather left out. It’s also National Curry [...]

9 October

A CHASM has opened up, with entrepreneurs on one side and politicians and the public on the other. It may not be an obvious division, [...]

7 October

MAN is a social animal; so is woman for that matter. And it is through our interactions with others that we acquire our tastes, [...]

2 October

DESPITE the growing popularity of cocktails, many Y-chromosome-carrying homo sapiens still consider mixed drinks too effeminate [...]

21 August

IN 17th century Britain, coffee houses sprung up across London. Idle gossip, radical ideas and business matters were traded freely [...]

14 August

There’s no hangover cure. There are things that can help – like loading up on carbs and fat, avoiding dodgy alcohol and drinking [...]

17 July

Taste is a matter of… well, taste. The mildest chilli can leave some gasping for breath, while others’ taste buds are robust [...]

3 July