Donald Tusk

The thing about the 1970s – if you lived through them – is that they were for the most part dull and dour [...]

11 February 2019

Hell hath no fury like a Brexiteer scorned. [...]

8 February 2019

Donald Tusk has backed Jeremy Corbyn’s call for the UK to stay in the EU’s customs union as Theresa May suffered [...]

7 February 2019

Theresa May has said she will continue to fight for changes to Brexit backstop protocol, despite being told by [...]

7 February 2019

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis blasted European Council president Donald Tusk today for the EU’s [...]

7 February 2019

Given that the Brexit debate has touched on every element of our lives from food security to house prices, it [...]

6 February 2019

Theresa May’s hopes of securing changes to the Brexit backstop have been dealt a serious blow by European Commission [...]

6 February 2019

There is a special place in hell for Brexit campaigners who had no plan for how the UK should leave the EU, the [...]

6 February 2019

Theresa May will launch an audacious bid to reopen Brexit negotiations with the EU after MPs voted in favour of [...]

29 January 2019

Theresa May issued a desperate plea for support for her Brexit deal ahead of an historic vote by MPs on Tuesday [...]

14 January 2019

EU leaders have released a letter reiterating the so-called backstop plan would only ever be temporary after Brexit, [...]

14 January 2019

Theresa May is hoping to get further reassurances from the EU over her Brexit deal as time ticks down to a crunch [...]

7 January 2019

Just as it is always 5 o’clock somewhere in the world, there are always voters preparing to go to the polls, [...]

19 December 2018

Maybe it’s just me, but the Stormtroopers in the new Star Wars movies never seem to have the same menace as [...]

17 December 2018

The EU will not renegotiate Theresa May’s Brexit deal after the Prime Minister was forced into a humiliating [...]

11 December 2018

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