Software for a simpler digital life


THE problem with the technology revolution is the hours we now spend simply organising our digital existences and inputting the same information. But there are software programmes and apps designed to give us our lives back.

Roboform, for example, tackles those time thieves masquerading as online forms. Since so much of life is now organised online, from job applications to property purchases, we’re endlessly re-typing the same basic information into websites. Roboform will remember everything and paste it in for you. Even your dubious account of your success in your last job or the different product descriptions you concocted for Amazon, eBay and that new business you are starting on Pixmania. It’ll remember the most complicated passwords on every trading system and social network you throw at it.

Once you’re in, LifeSort unifies and manages all the pictures, videos, emails, texts, Facebook entries and eBay auctions in your life. Let’s say you’re working on the train. Rather than an unstructured mess of files and folders, videos and pictures you may need, LifeSort arranges things into Personal, Professional and Public “environments” that can be accessed on your desktop, through a browser and via the cloud. It works with computers and phones, and saves hours of faffing.

It also tackles social media. An HTC Wildfire, for example, is brilliant for using LinkedIn, Facebook and Viadeo, through its FriendSteam app. Its pinch and zoom functions make it good for viewing web sites, maps and apps. But Lifesort brings them all together in one place, where they can be organized much better. So the jumble of your digital life becomes less complicated and easier to manage.

Nick Booth is the editor of