Seb hints at helping Webber

SEBASTIAN VETTEL will haven no qualms about assisting his Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber win the world title, should his own attempts to do so fizzle out.

For the first time in the history of the sport, four drivers will head into the final Grand Prix of the season with a chance of being crowned champion.

That is the scenario following a Brazilian Grand Prix in which Vettel claimed victory ahead of Webber, with Fernando Alonso third and Lewis Hamilton fourth.

Ferrari’s main man, Alonso, is the favourite to collect what would be his third title. The Spaniard holds an eight-point cushion over Webber, with Vettel seven points further back.

As for Hamilton, his hopes now rest on none of his rivals picking up any points next Sunday if he is to bridge a 24-point gap.

The key question, however, is what Vettel will do if it is the same one-two-three heading into final lap at the Yas Marina circuit, and whether he will allow Webber through.

If he fails to do so, Webber will lose the title by five points to Alonso; yet if he does so, Webber wins it by two.

Vettel said: “It depends on where those two guys are (referring to Webber and Alonso).

“You will have to judge according to the situation, but one thing is clear - which is hard for you to imagine - both of us know how to act.

“We’ve have had some moments which we’re not very proud of and we wouldn’t want to repeat.

“Obviously I went to school, so I know what I can answer. For me it is straightforward. I go to Abu Dhabi to try to do my best, we have a strong car, I can rely on that.

“What do you want to hear? I can only tell you the the scenario you are talking about is something you think of. I think it’s clear.”

Asked if that was a ‘yes’, Vettel smilingly replied: “When I was a kid I never liked it when my parents teased me when they did not answer my questions. I’m now in a good position to tease you, so you’ll see.”

The suggestion appears to be Vettel will do the honourable thing, although Webber's response as to whether he feels that will occur was more pointed.

“To cut a long story short, it all depends how it is on the last lap,” said Webber.


1 Fernando Alonso 246 points
2 Mark Webber 238
3 Sebastian Vettel 231
4 Lewis Hamilton 222
5 Jenson Button 199