Not convinced?


Ford Grand C-Max, from £19,945
The one to beat in this class, the Ford Grand C-Max is one of the most engaging to drive and has the added practicality of twin sliding doors, which is very useful if you are buckling young children into child seats. There’s a greater choice of engines – two petrol and three diesel – but there’s less interior space – it’s tight in the rear-most seats – and it’s less stylish than the Kia.

Peugeot 5008, from £18,350
Funny-looking it may be on the outside, but Peugeot’s 5008 is all about the interior. Leaner and more estate-like in shape, it’s good to drive and surprisingly quiet and refined. The seats can all be folded flat if you need van-like cargo space to take your garden waste to the tip. And though it’s tricky climbing in and out of the rear-most seats, adults can sit in them; if not for too long.

Toyota Verso, from £17,500
A big improvement on its predecessor, the Toyota Verso has the lowest running costs and the strongest residuals here. The outside has had a revamp though the interior remains particularly dreary. The seating configuration is clever, with up to 32 possible combinations of arrangement. The second row of seats can slide fore and aft, and the rear-most seats – which are really only suitable for kids – fold into the floor.