Uber's suspended its self-driving car trial after a crash left vehicle on side in Arizona

Lynsey Barber
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An Uber self-driving car ended up on its side (Source: Reuters)

Uber has suspended a programme which was testing its self-driving cars on the real roads of Arizona after... well, just look a that picture.

The crash on Friday did not cause any serious injuries but it will bring the tests in Arizona, as well as Pittsburgh and San Francisco, to a halt while it investigates.

Police in the US said another vehicle did not give way to the Uber car while making a left turn and that a third vehicle was also hit.

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"The vehicles collided, causing the autonomous vehicle to roll onto its side," said a spokesperson for the local police department.

Two engineers were in the Uber when the collision occurred. All of Uber's self-driving vehicles have engineers on board ready to take the wheel at any time.

Uber is not the only one to drive into trouble, however. Google last year had its first collision last year, although it had clocked up many more miles of testing than Uber.

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The crash comes at a difficult time for the company, both in terms of its self-driving car tech and beyond. Google's driverless car unit Waymo is suing Uber, claiming that the company it acquired to kick start its tech in the space, Otto, stole its technology.

Elsewhere, the billion dollar valued startup has been rocked by claims of a toxic workplace rife with sexism, spurring boss Travis Kalanick to search for an operating chief to keep him in line. There have also been a wave of departures and further damaging revelations that it used technology nicknamed "greyball" to avoid officials looking to potentially crackdown on the app.

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