Here's everything that happened in the sixth episode of The Apprentice

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Lord Sugar and this year's candidates
Rebecca: "I haven't been enough of a twat" (Source: BBC)

This week’s Apprentice sent the final 12 on a wild goose chase around London in a classic task - the treasure hunt challenge.

They were given all night to find every object on a list, which shouldn't have been too hard considering London is now a 24-hour city.

Perhaps a more difficult challenge before the advent of smartphones, the candidates took on a task most of us would just use Amazon Prime to solve.

Here’s what happened...

There was some serious miscommunication

The teams were given a list of objects they had to buy including a lehenga, African black soap and 2kg of rambutan (that's a South-East Asian dress, an exfoliating soap and a lychee type fruit to you and me).

One team thought they'd hit gold when they spoke to a supplier selling both the soap and tagine they were looking for, which turned out to be soup and tahini. Oops.

It wouldn’t be The Apprentice without a trip up the Shard">

We all know Lord Sugar’s boardroom is a stuffy studio in Acton, rather than a towering suite in the Square Mile.

But this week, the candidates got a real life trip up the Shard. Let’s be honest - this is probably the closest any of them will get to actually working in such high-flying surroundings...

Everyone’s negotiating skills were terrible

Karen Brady didn’t think much of Alana’s technique - the age old ploy of telling the seller she was a nice person.

Claude wasn’t impressed with Jessica, who tried to get a deal by saying her dad really liked the cigars but they didn’t have the money. This story might’ve made sense if she didn’t have a film crew, a group of careerists in cheap suits, and Claude Littner in tow...

For a load of Londoners, their geography was rubbish

There was confusion over post codes, traffic problems, and nobody told Courtney something every Londoner knows: there are two bagel shops on Brick Lane.

Rebecca’s back of the cab interview was pretty spicy

You might have made the mistake of tuning out after Lord Sugar booted off Rebecca, the marketing bod who once asked a client which product their "mind would naturally prefer the idea of”.

But it turned into the most explosive interview in the history of The Apprentice.

Rebecca hopped in a cab and said, “And at the end I think I went because I’m not a twat basically.”

“I think that’s my downfall. I haven’t been enough of a twat.”

This week’s Apprentice couldn't help but strike a sombre note

Usually, The Apprentice is an hour away from the realities of Brexit, nightmare commutes and stirling crashes.

But this week it was difficult to watch without remembering the US version of the show’s ex-host has just beaten Hillary Clinton to the White House this week.

Does this mean Lord Sugar could be PM any time soon? Stranger things have happened...

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