Business and politics must think longer term to secure the UK's future, says minister

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People need to think ahead to secure the UK's future (Source: Getty)

Both businesses and politicians need to be thinking longer term to safeguard the future of the UK, the secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy has said today.

Speaking at the Institute of Directors Annual Convention, Greg Clark hit back at those who focused too much on the short term, remarking "planning for the long-term is nothing to be embarrassed about".

Clark added that, while it was commonplace for businesses to make plans for its future, "I've never understood why it's being considered controversial for a government to do the same" and warned government policies made in a rush could create "an extra source of risk for business".

The minister also encouraged the audience to focus on taking a regional view, reminding those assembled that, although London was a very prosperous city, the UK was also home to areas which were significantly less well off.

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He added the UK needed an "upgrade" in many areas, particular infrastructure and education, while many would likely look back on 2016 "as a turning point".

He also shunned focusing too much on individual industries, noting some of the businesses of the near future "will not fall neatly into existing sectors".