Toast at 300ft? The Emirates Line Thames cable car has applied to serve booze

Emma Haslett
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The Emirates Air Line has struggled since it was first launched (Source: Getty)

If you're the sort who is comfortable quaffing champagne 300ft above the swirling waters of the Thames, we have good news: the Emirates Air Line cable car may be about to serve alcohol. Bottoms up.

Yep: transport bosses have applied for a licence to sell booze to passengers in an effort to make the struggling cable car more popular.

But that doesn't mean the Air Line is about to become a nightclub, a Transport for London spokesperson pointed out to City A.M.: the booze will come in the form of champagne served to passengers who hire a private cabin (alcohol-less private cabins are already available for a cool £90 for the 20-minute round trip).

The licence would also allow the showing of films, live music and karaoke and disco nights at the line's south terminal, next to the O2, the Evening Standard reported.

The Air Line, which opened in 2012, has struggled to attract the number of passengers. Although when it opened it said it had the capacity to carry 2,500 people per hour in each direction, recent figures suggest from the Liberal Democrats at the London Assembly suggest just 254,650 journeys were made in the past six weeks.

Danny Price, the head of the Emirates Air Line, said: "A licence application has been submitted to allow us to host booked events, as well as the option for exclusive cabins serving a glass of champagne, which would be a premium offer for customers seeking a unique hospitality package.

"Subject to licence approval this will be available at specific times and under controlled conditions, and we will adhere to all local restrictions. Customers will not be allowed to bring their own alcohol to consume on board the Emirates Air Line."