Google is facing an antitrust investigation in South Korea less than 24 hours after being hit with a $6.8m competition fine in Russia

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US search giant Google was yesterday fined $6.8m by Russian authorities (Source: Getty)

Google is being investigated by South Korea's antitrust regulator over concerns the search giant has violated competition laws.

The Korea Fair Trade Commission revealed the investigation in a brief statement, while Reuters has reported that the watchdog inspected Google's Seoul HQ last month.

The KFTC has investigated Google before. In 2013, the regulator cleared Google of wrongdoing following a probe into whether the company hurt competition by forcing smartphone makers using Android to pre-load its search engine on the handsets.

Google is also facing potential antitrust charges within the EU, and this comes just a day after it was fined $6.8m in Russia over competition violations with its Android software.

Russia's anti-monopoly service ruled that Google forced smartphone manufacturers to pre-install Google products on their devices, and the tech giant is also facing antitrust charges inside the EU.

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