Watch this stunning captain's-eye view of landing a plane in London

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London's City airport is a hard approach for pilots (Source: Getty)

Every time you think you've seen the capital from every possible angle - whether it's from space, or from the perspective of someone jumping from one of its skyscrapers - a new view comes along, putting London in an entirely new perspective.

The latest comes in the form of a video which puts you in the cockpit a British Airways flight landing at London's City airport, revealing a unique captain's-eye view of the capital.

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In the cockpit with captain Karen Atherton, who calls it one of the most interesting approaches in the world, we're treated to spectacular views across the city, with eagle-eye views of landmarks such as the Shard and Canary Wharf.

“The views flying into London are breathtaking, and are a constant reminder of what an incredibly beautiful city it really is," said Atherton, who is one of just 27 BA pilots qualified to do the City airport landing.

“The level of training required is demanding, and rightly so, but the flying is extremely rewarding."

Watch below.

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