Over 1,000 anti-Brexit protesters stage rally outside parliament

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Protestors Attend Anti-Brexit Rallys Across The UK
Protestors gather outside houses of parliament (Source: Getty)

Over 1,000 people turned up outside parliament today to protest against Britain's decision to leave the European Union.

Many chanted "there's no plan" and held up signs condemning former London mayor and Leave champion Boris Johnson who is the bookies' favourite to be Britain's next Prime Minister.

Last Friday, London voted to remain in the EU in the referendum while 52 per cent voters across Britain voted Leave.

A demonstration planned earlier in the day had to called off on safety grounds after 50,000 people said they would attend the protest.

Tom Stoker, a 22-year-old filmmaker from Wales, said he still wanted to make his voice heard.

"We are with Europe, and not separate," he told Reuters. "The vote doesn't reflect the whole country's view."


Edward Till, aged 43 from London, said the referendum should never have happened.

"We're a parliamentary democracy, not a direct democracy," he said. "The issues were complicated and subtle, but the vote was not decided on the realities of the EU."

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