Guess which screen hero's house this is: This company recreates famous apartments in 3D computer models

Steve Dinneen
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Which fictional character lives in a house like this?

Recognise the layout of this apartment? The sunken, cream-carpeted “conversation-pit” living room? The bizarre patterned wallpaper surrounding the doorway from the kitchen to the corridor, from which the downstairs neighbour has made a few rapid exits following secret trysts?

It is, of course, the trendy Manhattan apartment occupied by Mad Men’s anti-hero Don Draper, and it’s been lovingly recreated by 3D floor-plan company Archilogic. The apartments, the brainchild of Mad Men set-decorator Claudette Didul, is designed to highlight the differences in personalities between Don and his young new wife Megan, with the sleek masculine lines interrupted by garish splashes of colour. It looks expensive but not all that tasteful; an appropriate backdrop for Don’s descent into a period of alcoholism, womanising and soul-searching.

The 3D rendering shows incredible attention to detail, even including incidental items seen in the series – such as the telescope on the balcony – and featuring rooms rarely seen in the series itself.

Other renderings by Archilogic include the Serpentine Gallery and its surrounding area, complete with pictures hanging on the walls; Goldenberg House, an unbuilt design by US architect Louis Kahn; and Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars films.

The models are made using Archilogic’s 3D modelling software, which allows you to easily build up interactive floorplans, with the ability to simply drag and drop items from pot-plants to urinals. It’s a bit like The Sims, but without the muzak. It’s a useful tool for architects or people selling their homes, and converting an existing 2D floorplan can cost as little as £50.

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