A new European ruling raises the dangers of illegal immigration for the UK, according to Leave campaigners

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Does a decision to change rules on arresting immigrants within the Schengen Zone make it more dangers for the UK? (Source: Getty)

The risk of illegal immigration has been heightened by a new European Court of Justice ruling, Leave campaigners have said.

The ECJ ruled on Tuesday that EU member-states within the Schengen area cannot imprison illegal immigrants without first giving them up to 30 days to return voluntarily.

Although Britain is not part of Schengen, justice minister Dominic Raab said that the decision would nonetheless heighten the danger of illegal immigrants reaching the UK.

“These rulings by the European Court of Justice threaten the integrity of our borders, and create serious risks for our security. It's also a stark illustration of our loss of proper democratic control to the EU over a sensitive area of policy,” Raab said.

“The ruling increases the risk that illegal immigrants will be able to enter the UK, because it weakens the ability of other EU governments to put in place proper checks.”

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Remain campaigner and Labour MP Emma Reynolds responded by accusing the Brexit camp of “misleading” people.

"Leaving the EU will make it harder to work with other countries to keep our border secure. That's why law enforcement professionals say we will be safer in Europe than out on our own,” Reynolds said.