These are the happiest places to work in the world - Dublin and London top city job happiness index but Colombia is most satisfied country

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Londoners are happier in their job than people in many other countries (Source: Getty)

Londoners are the second happiest workers in Europe, but anyone wanting greater job satisfaction should head to Dublin.

The Irish city ranks top when it comes to how happy people are at work, based on essential factors such as work-life balance, management and the salary and benefits on offer.

In Europe, Stockholm is close behind, followed by Rome and Madrid.

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However, according to the Job Happiness Index from job site Indeed which takes into account more than 10m company reviews, the UK languishes 22 in the list of happiest countries in the world.

Colombia tops the list, followed by Russia and then Ireland, with staff in just the US, Pakistan and Belgium unhappier than British workers.

Top 10 European cities where workers are happiest

1. Dublin

2. London

3. Stockholm

4. Rome

5. Madrid

6. Amsterdam

7. Paris

8. Brussels

9. Vienna

10. Berlin

The mix of developed and underdeveloped countries demonstrates happiness at work isn't necessarily driven by economic wealth or wellbeing.

“While London fares well in our happiness index, the UK as a whole clearly has some work to do in improving employee happiness," said Indeed's UK managing director Bill Richards.

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“Given how much time we spend in our jobs, workplace happiness is an important metric for employers to consider. Our data shows that long-term employee loyalty can be won with robust policies around work-life balance, leadership and company culture.”

Looking for a happier life? These are the country's to head for.

Top 10 countries where workers are happiest

1. Colombia

2. Mexico

3. Russia

4. Ireland

5. Brazil

6. Norway

7. Chile

8. New Zealand

9. Spain

10. Venezuela

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