International Monetary Fund confirms Christine Lagarde's second term as its managing director

Emma Haslett
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Lagarde was the only candidate for the job (Source: Getty)

Christine Lagarde, the first lady of global economics, has been "elected" for a second term as the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Not all that surprising, considering she was the only candidate...

In a statement today Lagarde said she was "delighted" to be given the opportunity to lead the IMF for another five years.

She replaced Dominique Strauss-Kahn as the IMF's leader in 2011, becoming its first female boss. She had previously been French minister for economic affairs - when she became the first female finance minister in the G8.

Today she added that the IMF had "adapted and strengthened" its capacity to respond to members' needs over the past five years.

"The global economy is undergoing a number of important transitions and we are focused on helping our membership navigate these successfully—with our excellent staff delivering policy advice, capacity building and, where needed, financial support.

"The Fund remains committed to its fundamental goal of helping to ensure global economic and financial stability through international cooperation."

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