How's the hangover? Tesco launches hangover stations for all your post-office party needs

Edith Hancock
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If these look like a god-send right now, head down to Tesco (Source: Getty)

While PRs at Buchanan and Lansons are already dealing with the hangovers from their Christmas parties this month, last night was one of the busiest evenings for corporate dos in the Square Mile this season. This can only mean one thing: a very hungover workforce on Friday.

Tesco is giving London's financial district a helping hand with the last day of the working week, with pop-up "hangover stations" planted around stores in Canary Wharf, Broadgate and Monument.

The life-saving stands are open today, providing worse for wear City workers with healthy smoothies and juices to help you make it through till the evening (or to make up for the greasy kebab at 3am).

If you swear by hair of the dog but can't face spirits just yet, the stores is also dishing out Virgin Bloody Marys.

London convenience director Rachel Jones said: “We know many of our customers will have entered into the festive spirit last night so we’ll be helping them get through the morning with delicious smoothies that give you a lift and leave you feeling fresh."

The supermarket giant is also dishing out recipe cards with ideal, warming hangover breakfasts to make at home. Recipes include The Comforter, the ultimate breakfast sandwich, and The Peanut Better – a quesadilla filled with peanut butter, bananas, chocolate and marshmallows. We know what we're having.

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