London's most talked about restaurant, street food venue and vendor in 2015 - Cereal Killer Cafe, Box Park, The Rib Man beat Street Feast, Shake Shack and Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

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Not too busy eating to talk about where's best for food

For any food lover, 2015 has been a delight, but what and where was it that got us licking our lips and telling out friends, family and anyone who will listen, about the most?

Thanks to Twitter, we may have an answer.

Cereal Killer Cafe was one, and the most mentioned restaurant in the city, pipping to the post a similar novelty cafe, this time with cats, Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium.

It was perhaps the attention gained from being targeted by anti-gentrification protesters, but it certainly got the Twitterati chattering. And perhaps the definition of restaurant is a little loose, but there were certainly some higher end contenders.

Here's how the ranking stacks up, according to Relish's Twitter Impact Index, which analyses mentions on Twitter.

Most talked about restaurants

1. Cereal Killer Cafe

2. Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

3. Bao

4. Kurobuta

5. The Clove CLub

6. Ember Yard

7. City Social 

8. Sexy Fish

9. Berner's Tavern

10. Gymkhana

It wasn't just dining out that took our fancy either, it was dining outside. Among the many street food markets that sprung up this year it was Shoreditch staple Box Park which shot to the top of the pops. Ever growing Street Feast, which just this week bagged millions of pounds in funding to expand, followed not far behind.

London's most talked about street food destination

1. Box Park

2. Street Feast 

3. KERB 

4. Pop Brixton 

5. Dinerama 

6. Real Food Fest

7. Swingers

8. Night Tales 

And when it comes to individual street food vendor (at a market or in bricks and mortar, it was Ribs all the way, with Brick Lane's The Rib Man getting Twitter licking their lips.

London's most talked about street food vendor

1. The Rib Man 

2. Shake Shack 

3. Meat Liquor 

4. Bleecker Burger 

5. Pizza Pilgrims 

6. Patty & Bun

7. Dirty Burger

8. Bone Daddies

9. Mother Flipper

10. Hot Box

We know where we'll be eating in 2016.

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