Uber and the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association to square off before MPs

Lauren Fedor
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Uber's head of public policy in the UK Andrew Byrne will take questions (Source: Getty)

Top bosses from Uber and the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association are set to be questioned by MPs tomorrow morning.

Both Uber's head of public policy in the UK Andrew Byrne and Licensed Taxi Drivers Association chairman Richard Massett will give evidence to the influential business, innovation and skills (BIS) committee as part of its inquiry into the digital economy.

The committee announced today that the session will be "looking at issues relating to disruptive technologies".

Richard Fuller, a Conservative MP who sits on the committee, told City A.M. last month that it "should be looking at" Transport for London's drastic proposals to impose severe regulations on Uber and other private hire car services.

Later last month, business secretary Sajid Javid told the business committee that TfL’s proposals were “heavy handed” and not in the interest of consumers.

“TfL is perfectly within its rights to review transport related issues in London. I think what is going to be a big test is: does the review come out on the side of ordinary Londoners that want choice, they value competition,” Javid said at the time, adding: “From my own point of view, I’m not interested in heavy handed regulation. I want to make sure that consumers are put first.”

Representatives from Hassle, AdBlock Plus and techUK will also face questions from MPs during tomorrow's evidence session.

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