Transport for London introduces junction specially designed to keep cyclists safe at Cambridge Heath

Clara Guibourg
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Take it easy on London's roads: 4,623 cyclists were hit by a vehicle in 2013 (Source: Getty)

London cyclists, rejoice. Cambridge Heath just got a junction designed specifically to keep cyclists from being hit by left-turning traffic, the first of several similar junctions planned for the busiest roads across the capital.

At the junction, the first of its kind in the UK, cyclists and cars will turn separately. Cars planning to make a left turn will be held back, allowing cyclists to make the usually risky left turn safely, announced Transport for London (TfL) today.

London has been plagued by an increase in cycling accidents, with 14 cyclists killed and 475 seriously injured on the capital’s roads in 2013. Turning traffic is particularly dangerous, with 85 per cent of accidents occurring at junctions.

Boris Johnson, mayor of London, said that the junctions were a mere “taster” of more to come:

The innovations we're using at Cambridge Heath are a fantastic taster of the raft of improvements that are coming down the track, ensuring that people can cycle safely and more confidently in our city.

The junction at Cambridge Heath, part of Cycle Superhighway 2, is the first of these junctions to have been unveiled, but it will be the template used for junctions across London’s main roads in future.

On top of this, TfL is also redeveloping 33 of the very busiest junctions and gyratories in an effort to make the city more cycle-friendly.

As 4,623 cyclists were hit by a vehicle in the UK capital in 2013, we imagine this news is welcome, if overdue, for many.

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