Economists identify delightful places to live in the world

Edith Hancock
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THERE comes a time in every City slicker’s life when he or she decides to head out of London and commute from greener pastures. It can be a wise move; the property is cheaper (not to mention bigger), the commute is often straightforward, and the air is clean. How wholesome.

It’s been widely reported this summer that it’s currently cheaper and quicker to commute from Barcelona to work in the City than anywhere in the UK, but maybe Londoners should be thinking further afield. A report on liveability from the Economist Intelligence Unit has detailed the nicest places to settle down in, and though six cities in western Europe have seen living conditions fall, Zimbabwe’s capital Harare has topped the list for “most improved”, beating sunny Dubai, eastern powerhouse Beijing and the tropical paradise of Honolulu. Harare has a lot going for it when you think about it; according to travel company Lonely Planet, it’s a “laid-back city where wide avenues are lined with dusty red earth”. Lush.