This is what our kitchens will look like in the future, according to Ikea

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You won't see traditional kitchen furniture like fridges or stoves (Source: Ikea Concept Kitchen 2025)
Our kitchens are set to transform dramatically over the next 10 years, according to a futuristic installation created by Ikea.
The Concept Kitchen 2025, which is on display at EXPO Milan 2015, shows how our cooking, cleaning and waste disposal will become much more technology-dependant over the coming years.
The furniture company asked global design firm IDEO and university students from Sweden and Holland to help it come up with the design, focusing on the “technological forces” that will “change how we use our kitchens by 2025”.
The final design is based on the students' studies of people's attitudes and ideas about cooking and eating, and how priorities and circumstances are changing over times.
It takes into account how fewer resources will be available to each individual in the future, and that we ae becoming increasingly concerned about preserving the environment.
The concept imagines food will be contained in transparent individual containers on open shelves rather than being hidden at the back of the fridge, making it easier to be inspired by what's on hand rather than going out to buy more.
A “table for living” offers a series of recipe ideas when raw ingredients are placed on its surface, as it is able to recognise food items using an inbuilt camera. It will even give all the cooking instructions for the option you choose.
There is a “mindful water system” with a basin that moves from left to right according to whether the water being drained is toxic, “black” water or safe, “grey” water.

In pictures: Ikea's kitchen of the future

Water will be drained according to its toxicity (Source: Ikea Concept Kitchen 2025)

Food will be visible on open shelves (Source: Ikea Concept Kitchen 2025)

Cooking instructions will appear for your chosen recipe (Source: Ikea Concept Kitchen 2025)

Ingredients are placed on the surface of the table (Source: Ikea Concept Kitchen 2025)

The way we dispose of waste will become more environmentally-friendly (Source: Ikea Concept Kitchen 2025)

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