Turing Phone: The makers of this smartphone say it's impossible to hack and doesn't break

Clara Guibourg
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Unhackable? (Source: Turing Robotic Industries)

It sounds like a challenge for hackers if ever there was one, but a mobile phone startup is promising its upcoming smartphone is not just impossible to break, but also impossible to hack into.

Aptly named the Turing Phone, it promises to be a secure phone, built for a post-Snowden and data surveillance world.

Using end-to-end encryption, this phone avoids third party exposure as much as possible, which means you can exchange your sensitive data securely, whether it's credit card details or private conversations.

Turing Robotic Industries, the company behind the smartphone, believes that this “paves the way for trustworthy communication”:

Decentralized-authentication allows users to exchange sensitive data, credit card information, travel itineraries and private conversations, knowing their information will safely and securely reach only the device intended.

It’s also made the phone waterproof and supposedly unbreakable. It’s made of a material called liquidmorphium, which may sound like something out of a comic book but is a type of liquid metal that promises to be stronger than steel.

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